Another day with no work

I went to the cinema today to see Transformers: The Last Knight. It didn’t make a lot of sense, but was kind of entertaining.

I tried looking for an appropriate job online, but again, found nothing. It’s been a week since I last had any work and that was the only day this month. 9 hours work in a month is hardly going to cover everything.

I went to the job centre to ask about benefits, but apparently there’s nothing they can do to help people on zero hours contracts apart from JSA. I’d have to sign off each time I worked and make a new claim every time it came to an end. I have applied for loads of jobs and don’t even get a reply anymore. Even if I wanted to go back to it, the one thing I was good at has become a complete non-starter having been out of it for nearly four years.┬áThere’s really no way out as far as I can see.



Hello people. As I sit here watching a repeat of 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown on More4, I wonder if this is really the best use of my time. I have the option of playing a game on console, but I have completed it before. The only options I can think of realistically are repeats.

Essentially I’m writing this blog to identify patterns in my mental health / depression.