I have an interview

I have an interview for the job I applied for.

In other news, I need to sort out my sleep pattern. I’m often not going to bed till around 3:30am and getting up around midday, with a snooze at about 6pm.

My dad is looking at different places to live as he believes the place he’s in now is poorly run, the staff are useless, the other residents are evil and he’s always right. I reality, he’s deluded and argumentative. He bullies some of the other residents to the point that the police may be involved soon, and refuses to accept that the staff aren’t his personal carers. He doesn’t accept that there are things they can’t tell him about the other residents and sometimes he’s wrong.

He’s been asking about my sister too. She refuses to visit him, but won’t tell him that. What am I supposed to say? She didn’t live with him while he was wetting himself, not eating and drinking, showering or taking any responsibility for himself. When she visits here she complains about everything; the volume of the tv, the way I make tea, where to park…


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