Today has been very flat. I’ve not done anything apart from get dressed, eat and watch tv.

The BBC released the figures for their top earning ‘stars’ and it’s kind of shocking. What do these people actually do? I don’t deny that they’re good at their jobs (apart from Jeremy Vine, he’s dreadful), but how can their salaries be justified? It probably doesn’t help that I’m out of work, have no money, and don’t see any chance of me getting a job any time soon. One interview I had went really well and I got on really well with the manager, but I didn’t get the job as she thought I would find it boring. It’s a lot more boring not having the job! I spent years in one job and, even if I do say myself, I was was bloody good at it. Although there were frequent requests from myself and colleagues, we never got any training apart from thinly disguised sales pitches. Unfortunately, the skills don’t really lend themselves to any other work. I’ve been doing voluntary work in a charity shop to show employers I can do other things, but even with that I haven’t had so much as a reply in months. And I’m not as young as I was.


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