That rash isn’t normal

I woke up to find random red, itchy patches all over my arms and shoulders. Took some photos in case I decide to go to the doctor. It would be typical to be completely clear of it when I get an appointment.

I went to visit my dad at the care home today and took him out to get ice creams. The moment we got in the car it became quite apparent that he’d not had a shower or probably even changed his clothes for several days. The smell of stale urine was quite overpowering; even with the windows wound down. It’s a kind of smell that really stays with you no matter what you do. Febreeze, matches, lemon… Anyway, the ice cream was nice.

I really hoped he’d somehow start to take care of himself more. Not having him at home and having to put up with that daily has been great, and I’d almost forgotten about it and put it behind me. Sadly, he still clearly has no self respect or just doesn’t care even remotely about the people around him. Well done adult mental services. You’ve been great!


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