You don’t get marzipan much these days

When was the last time you had something with marzipan on it? I like marzipan, but you just don’t see it about much anymore.

I saw a sort of ex in town today. Well, more of an acquaintance I had a one time thing with. It’s somewhere between those two. I had a few things to do and said I’d be back that way in a few minutes, but when I got back, he’d gone. I thought we got on alright, but I suppose I was wrong.

The weather has once again spoiled my plans for tomorrow. I was supposed to be going to the beach, but the forecast says it will be raining so changed my mind. As it happens, I’ve been offered a few hours work. To go from spending a nice day with fun people to spending it working with an ignorant tosser who doesn’t respect his workers, even though he prides himself on being a good person, is not the greatest. He claims to be against exploiting staff and zero hours contracts etc, but I never know when I’ll next be working or for how long. He can be quite rude too. He often complains that people don’t listen to his instructions and gets angry. I believe that if people around you are constantly getting things wrong, it probably means that you haven’t explained it well enough.


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